Grove TK1

ADOPT A TREE – Help us extend our Groves by adopting olive trees.  Select one of the trees below and Add to Cart.  Visit the Check-out page to finalise the adoption.

This grove is found on the North-West of Malta in the limits of Rabat Malta. With a clay type of soil, the grove ensures good rooting growth during the rainy periods. The grove is installed with a system that allows to gather rain water into a central reservoir. This is used to water the trees every three weeks from April to June.

The table below represents this grove. Each cell represents an area allocated for an olive tree, and measures about 6m x 5m. Areas that are available for adoption have a PayPal Image located below the picture representing the area. To adopt the area, click on the PayPal image within the same cell. Most adoption terms are valid for 1 year.

Pictures may not represent the actual and current tree or area unless indicated on the picture itself.

To adopt a tree from the above orchid simply select the tree code together with the period availability and press “Add to Cart” to submit your donation:

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