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This scheme is intended to all the people that do not have a space to grow a tree and would like to contribute to the environment by paying for the care of the tree for one year.

What care does an olive tree require?
Like any other tree, an Olive tree requires specialised care. Such care includes ploughing of land around the tree, watering, pruning, feeding, weed control and pest/funghi control.

How does the scheme work?
When adopting a tree, you will be contributing to the care of an olive tree for a period of time.  We  take great care of the tree, tag your tree with your name (or comments A4), send you a certificate of adoption and update a picture of the tree every 6 months on-line. We will be able to send you up to 500 grams of olives from the same tree, if produce allows.  Delivery charges for Malta and Gozo are included, however postage for other countries is not included in the adoption price.
An important note is that after each year, the value of a tree increases and after some time, the value exceeds the actual renewal cost and eventually cost of ownership.
Can I sell my tree?
Physically no one can sell a tree with this scheme but transfer of adoption is allowed. In order to re-issue a new certificate of ownership, there is a minimal Administration fee.   While we do not encourage to transfer an adoption certificate, we encourage you to invite more friends for adoption.   On transfer of adoption certificate, new renewal costs may be subject to re-calculation.
What happens if an adoption certificate is not renewed?
If a tree is not renewed by at least 15 days after expiry of adoption certificate, the tree is set for adoption at a price that my exceed the yearly adoption cost if value of tree is higher than cost.
What does the care involve?
Buying the Olive Tree – Italian High Quality Trees are selected for this purpose
Training Sticks – To support the tree while growing up.
Pre-Fertilisation – Treat the land with a number of fertilisers to aid in the growth of trees.
Planting – 5m x 6m of land are dedicate to an olive tree.
Pruning – A number of prunings are required each year for shaping, for fruiting and to stimulate sprouting.
Irrigation System – Equipment to provide the right amount of water dripping to a tree.
Fertilisation – Olive trees require an amount of Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous, Boron, Calcium and Magnesium.
Weed Control – Many weeds are able to grow fast and take substances from the ground.
Pest Control – Major control of Olive Fruit Fly, olive kernel borer, olivemoth and black scale.
Cure of Diseases – The most important olive tree diseases are verticillium wilt, olive knot, leaf spot and fruit mummification.

What happen if a tree dies?
Although we give great care to your adopted tree, unfortunate experiences may result in an olive tree to die. In such cases, we are committed to replace the olive tree with a new olive tree. In this case, the value of the tree will become that of a new plant. There is no re-imbursement of any value related to the cost of a tree in the case of the tree dying.
Where are the trees located?
All trees are located in Malta, a wonderful island in the Mediterranean Sea, full of culture, history and tradition. Malta is very well known for the climate, the lovely blue sea and also for the rich agricultural products grown by local farmers in a traditional way. Wine Making and Olive Oil are two old traditions that have recently revolutioned the farming industry, with very high quality products available both locally and exported across Europe. []
Each grove is given an identification code.  Groves may differ in environmental conditions and soil quality.  This information will be provided within each groves adoption pages listed hereunder.
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