The appropriate olive cultivate requires dedication, time and money which include dedicated care (in line with pesticide act), investments in trees, pruning, study of soil nutrients, irrigation system and others.  Some may think that olive trees yield large amounts of produce to cover the costs.  It is estimated that grown up olive trees yield between none and 40Kg of olives, the former is the most common.  An average calculation of yield therefore result in 10Kg per tree, which is also equivalent to 1.2 litres of oil.

In order to keep nurturing the olive tree culture in Malta, we therefore rely on donations and adoption programmes.  We would like to thank you all for supporting this cause.

Donations to Barba Kieli Groves can be sent through the form further further down in this page.  Furthermore, the adoption programmes provides further sustainability of our cause.

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NOTE: During 2012 the whole irrigation system for GROVE TK1 has been stolen.  We therefore are calling for you help to raise 300EUR to restore the irrigation system.

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